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Product details of Gala Quick Spin MOP Floor Cleaner

  • Special Cleaner to Remove Dirt and Clean Refill Effortlessly
  • Micro Fibre Refill with Super Absorbent Capacity Offers Superior Cleaning Performance
  • Super Spin System which Makes Drying Refill Faster
  • Spin Mop with Wheels which Helps Carrying the Bucket from One Place to Another Comfortably
  • With ‘wheels’ which helps to carry the bucket from one place to another comfortably
  • Microfiber refills with superabsorbent capacity
  • It has a super spin system which makes drying refill faster
  • Special cleaner to remove dirt and clean refill effortlessly
  • Includes: 1 Spin Mop complete Set (Including Refill) + 1 Refill

Quick Spin Mop

The ideal solution to keeping your home clean while you have no maids to rely on, the Easy & Quick Spin Mop cleans the floor effectively without requiring much effort.

360 MOP - Design

Manufactured in smart design, this Gala quick spin mop is the ideal floor cleaning equipment for your home.


Designed to provide effective cleaning, the Gala mop features a head that is made of microfibers. It comes with a plastic handle that is comfortable to hold and use.

360 Degree Cleaning

Cleaning with this mop is extremely easy since it provides 360-degree cleaning, making sure every spec of dirt is removed from the floor.